Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ready for prime time.

So I've been chewing on this blog thing for a bit, finding all kinds of reasons to write and not write it at the same time. The original plan was to specifically write about my dedication to the Morrigan, but I've decided it needs to be broader. She is the Queen of Sovereignty, Lady of War, and to keep it circumscribed to the Neo-pagan safe-zone is hardly fair or proper. Write what you know, they say, so this blog is that of a middle aged Pagan man, more than fifteen years into a singular dedication to the Queen, twenty-five years in the modern pagan community. How does one cultivate warriorship, will, self ownership, and do so in a community that generally looks unhappily at hints of war and violence? How do we adopt the values of ancient society in a modern one, and why? My blog will be unplanned, regular musings and opinions, some of which may offend. I hope so, much offends me, and is an offense to the idea of sovereignty. Let the games begin.

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