Tuesday, December 10, 2013


In the beginning let me say that the purpose of this blog is to share and document my devotional relationship to The Morrigan ;not preaching, prophesy, prosleytize or promote. I have been active in the Pagan community since 1989, and dedicated to Her for many years. But as I often say, doing something a long time does not equate to doing it well.

I do not consider myself a Priest, for She does not ordain Priests and Priestesses. I'm not a Shaman, or whatever term indicates that in the Pagan community. I'm no expert, no artist, no soothsayer. I'm a man who is dedicated to a Goddess of war, sovereignty, the land and sacred sexuality.

So why start a blog about all this? In truth, there are only three main reasons. First, showing off all my work and adventures. Yes, adventures, having such a Goddess at your side will bring many adventures. Secondly, document my own progress. In a way it forces me to think, grow, and develop along this path (How I do hate the term “path”). Thirdly, it can help guide others who may be called in such a strange way and do not fit in the neo-pagan world.

So what is my avocation? I'm called to train as a modern-day Celtic warrior. And before you laugh, this blog will contain a lot of information about warriorship, and the mindset of being a classical warrior in a modern setting.

For the record, I am not law enforcement nor former/current military. For medical reasons, I'm ineligible to serve in either capacity, but nothing prohibits me from training like one. I'm what they refer to as a “civilian sheep dog”, and we will cover the sheepdog concept later in this blog.

And what do I mean by modern-day Celtic warrior? I live in the 21st century, with internet, air conditioning, and I'm not running about in ancient dress pretending to be something out of Braveheart. I learned to fight with sword and shield, knife and bare hands, and rifle and pistol. The art of warfare is a sacred art, and I practice all forms of it. This blog may focus on mentality or training, as I see fit.

My position on politics, etc. may appear here, but isn't the focus of this blog. I shall endeavor to keep my private life out of this blog, it's not about me or photos of my family, pets, etc. it's about a dedication. As to politics, I'm going to say nothing nauseates me more than some aging hippie taking her faith as a justification to use government as a tool to redistribute wealth – I'm looking at you Starhawk – and I think the Gods themselves would be as offended as I am. Or some granola-crunching PETA shrew thinking she can guilt me into changing my diet “for the children”. Or a self-hating closeted homosexual pastor thumping a Bible in my face and bashing all my queer friends in the name of his God. Or a well-connected corpratist who thinks the law doesn't apply to him by virtue of who his “friends” are.

I'm going to offer my voice for a silent mass, of a-political pagans who if pressed, would really rather be libertarians than anything else. I donate to charity, I volunteer as time permits, I believe in justice and goodness – but shut the fuck up already! We do great things even in a competitive materialistic world,so get out there and do them and stop trying to use guilt and force to make the world more just.

Be a beacon, not a shrew.

So back to the blog. As I read, think, develop, experience and grow, it's my hope that I'll document it for others. One thing I try to do is practice some operational security, and not give much away as to personal data. But I intend to make a great ride out of it, and to be worthy of all the blessings bestowed on me by Her, by being the best I can be.

I was trained as a scientist and as a philosopher, so from time to time that will creep in here, more as a methodology and outlook than as a subject.

So what does it mean to have such a dedication? For one, you don't get to slack. To be a warrior means to relentlessly pursue improvement. Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. And that improvement is through act of will, and action. One can sit home with candles all day and will change, but unless you get off your ass and DO, nothing will change. You'll just burn candles.

It means staring down fear. Do I feel fear? Sure...watching my house burn made me feel fear. Telling my boss if they take away another one of my benefits I'll walk out, and meaning it. Grabbing a loaded handgun to check out a suspicious noise downstairs. My 40th birthday, and looking at what I've not yet accomplished. Yeah, I feel fear, but I do what is needed despite it.

And that powering through fear is a sacrifice of fear. I slay the dragon, and offer it to Her as my sacrifice. That is a fitting tribute I think, and one that makes both of us stronger for it.

So there is an introduction. On to the adventure.

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